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Comprehensive Tax Reform

House Bill Number: 

HB 201 proposes a variety of reforms to the state tax code to make the system more fair, close loopholes, make taxes more equitable across all income levels, increase the tax on cigarettes and tobacco products, expand the family size tax credit, put limits on some deductions except charitable ones, reinstate an estate tax and a number of other changes that would have resulted in substantial new revenue and a tax system that's a little more fair. Find our one-pager here for lobby meetings and to learn more. 

Bill Sponsor(s): 
Reps Willner, Scott, Brown, Kulkarni, Raymond

Has not been assigned to committee.

This year, we have a real opportunity in Kentucky. We have the dollars we need to make the investments that we deserve in housing, schools, public health, and advancing racial equity across the board. We call on the legislature to use all of these dollars this year, and we support comprehensive tax reform to ensure that we can continue to thrive. 

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KFTC Supports