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Bowling Green Mayor

There are three candidates running to become the mayor of Bowling Green. However, only Todd Alcott’s name will appear on the ballot. Tom Morris and Chris Page filed as write-in candidates (other write-in candidates have until October 23 to file).

Thanks to Morris and Page for responding to the KFTC candidate survey.

Note: incumbent mayor Bruce Wilkinson originally filed to run for re-election but has since withdrawn.

Chris Page

Political party: Nonpartisan

Campaign Facebook: Facebook

Question 1:

What is your vision for how you will represent Bowling Green? How will Bowling Green be different in two years if you’re elected?


            We’re dealing with some trying times in our country that trickles down to our cities. Therefore, mayors are dealing with a set of responsibilities with limited resources. Therefore, as Mayor the City of Bowling Green will be different cause I will lead with transparency, trust and tough decisions.

            As Mayor, I will address any racial disparities on the 28 advisory boards (Boards & Commissions) and within city employment. The City of Bowling Green will be legislate differently which will allow it to look differently due to the change coming from the top and trickling down to the bottom.

Tom Morris

Political party: Nonpartisan

Campaign website:

Campaign Facebook: Facebook

Campaign Twitter: Twitter

Question 1:

What is your vision for how you will represent Bowling Green? How will Bowling Green be different in two years if you’re elected?

Vision: I will be a pro-active mayor who embraces Bowling Green’s diversity. The next years will be full of unprecedented challenges. We must recover from the wound of the pandemic. We must heal the divisions that have prevented us from reaching our potential. We must prepare for the inevitable ravages of climate change. I will be a visible leader who speaks to the city frequently. I will provide the city with a symbol of hope. Like my heroes Winston Churchill and Franklin Roosevelt, I will be a voice of encouragement and realistic optimism. I will set a new tone that assures all voices are heard. Legislatively, it takes 3 votes to pass any ordinance, so much of what I want to accomplish will depend on having two other votes from the other four commissioners. With that caveat, my aim will be to:

* Increase diversity in hiring; employees of the city should reflect the diversity of the city.

* Pass a 100% Renewable Energy ordinance

* Pass a Fairness Ordinance

* Pass URLTA (Uniform Residential Landlord Tenant Act)

* Address housing affordability, with the goal that no resident will need to spend over 35% of their income on housing.

* Restore recycling