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Cast your vote for Kentucky’s Bright Future!

Appalachia's Bright Future

On February 12, 2014, hundreds of Kentuckians will take part in I Love Mountains Day 2014 in Frankfort. Together we will take a stand for a bright future in eastern Kentucky and across our Commonwealth. We will call for an end to destructive practices that threaten our land, water, air and health. And we will commit ourselves to building a healthy, responsive democracy in Kentucky. We hope you will join us for this important march and rally. More information and a registration form can be found at

Please take a moment to cast your vote for Kentucky’s bright future. Use the form below to tell us about key ideas, policies or values you want to be able to vote FOR in upcoming elections.

If you plan to attend I Love Mountains Day this year, we encourage you to also write or draw your ideas and bring them with you. We’ll attach these handmade signs to a large display banner, along with many of the ideas we receive online. Later, after the day is over, we’ll summarize and share the great ideas we receive with candidates running for office in Kentucky.

Guidelines for voting:

  • Please use fewer than 75 words per vote.

  • Tell us the ideas, policies or values you want to vote for – not things you are against.

  • Do not name names. Please tell us what, not who, you want to vote for.

  • If you are coming to I Love Mountains Day, please write or draw your ideas on paper no bigger than 5.5 x 8.5 inches and bring those with you. Be creative and colorful!

  • You can vote more than once.

Please write no more than 75 words per submission.

“I believe in Kentucky's Bright Future, in Appalachia’s Bright Future. But we must do more than want it. We have to dream it. We have to build it and protect it, together. We have to demand it and work for it every day. We have to organize for it, and we have to vote for it.”

-Carl Shoupe, KFTC member, Harlan County