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U.S. Senate

Democrat Amy McGrath, Libertarian Brad Barron and Write-In Randall Lee Teegarden are challenging Republican incumbent Mitch McConnell for one of Kentucky’s U.S. Senate seats. Thanks to McGrath for responding to KFTC’s candidate survey.

All Kentucky voters may vote for one Senate candidate. Senators serve 6 year terms.

Amy McGrath

Political party: Democrat

Campaign website: http://Amymcgrath.com

Campaign Facebook: Facebook

Campaign Twitter: Twitter

Question 1:

What’s your vision for Kentucky? How will the lives of Kentuckians be improved as a result of your time in office? What Congressional committees will you request to serve on once elected?

I’m running because like most Kentuckians, I’ve had enough of the D.C. establishment and the dysfunction where nothing gets done. If we keep the same people in power, nothing will change. Mitch McConnell is everything that is wrong with Washington. Kentucky needs a new generation of leaders, specifically someone who has worked in the 21st century global economy and world. I am running for Kentucky’s future, for my kids’ future. Working Kentucky families demand and deserve respect, and I will work to ensure their voices and concerns are heard in D.C. Let’s just take one example, many Kentuckians have to decide whether they can pay the rent or pay for their prescription medication each month. I’ll be a senator who will not be bought off by Big Pharma and will actually fight to get these prices down. We need to put country over party and take on the special interests running Washington.