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Here are some other websites related to KFTC's work

  • – this site has candidate responses to questionnaires sent out by KFTC for statewide and some local races, as well as other general voter information.
  • New Power PAC – the New Power PAC is KFTC's political action committee formed in 2010 to lift up the voices of ordinary Kentuckians in critical elections
  • Kentucky Deserves Better – a project to show that Kentuckians deserve good jobs, clean water and air, safe and healthy families, and honest and transparent government, focused on letting U.S. Rep. Hal Rogers know that Kentucky deserves better than the harmful decisions he is making.
  • Appalachian Transition Initiative – a site devoted to fostering a conversation about a more just, sustainable and prosperous future in Central Appalachia, set up by KFTC and the Mountain Association for Community Economic Development (MACED).


Here are some ally groups


Here are some other websites you may find useful

  • Vote-Smart – has biographies, voting records, issue positions, ratings, speeches and campaign finance information for all national and statewide elected officials and candidates.
  • Kentucky Legislative Research Commission – has all kinds of information about the Kentucky General Assembly, including legislation, members, proceedings, schedules and more.
  • – operated by the Center for Responsive Politices, this site tracks money in U.S. politics and its effect on elections and public policy.