Staff | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth


E'Beth Adami

Communications & Development Director

E'Beth has roots in western Kentucky, and lives and works in Louisville. In her free time, E'Beth enjoys cooking, too many podcasts, taking pictures of her two dogs, and exploring Kentucky's beautiful parks with her partner.

Bonifacio Aleman

Lead Organizer

Bonifacio, also known as “Flaco”, is a parent of four & grandparent. Born a revolutionary, Bonifacio brings over a decade of experience in community organizing & program development, as well as a lifetime of resistance work. Community organizing that Flaco has worked on include the Louisville Ban the Box Ordinance, the Louisville Resolution to Support Statewide Restoration of Voting Rights, and the Louisville Minimum Wage ordinance.

Flaco survived eleven years of incarceration, which began in his teenage years, including state-sanctioned torture via solitary confinement. Flaco has an undergraduate degree and graduate degree in Social Work. Currently, Bonifacio is working on a Doctor of Social Work degree, with research interests in post-incarceration syndrome, health equity, eliminating structural racism, and abolition.

Flaco also serves as a Client Board Member at the Kentucky Equal Justice Center. A frequent writer & speaker, Bonifacio presents and writes on racial bias & structural racism, health equity, community organizing, and voting rights for justice impacted people.

Megan Bailey

Southern Kentucky Chapter Organizer

Megan Bailey is a Community Organizer with KFTC. Native of Nashville, TN she moved to Bowling Green for college in 2008. It was in BG that she achieved her degree in Communication Studies and Music Liberal Arts, met her husband and settled with her family. In the wake of national outcry for fallen minorities at the hands of armed officers Megan deciding she could no longer hide and watch people suffer. She spoke out and showed up! She began to serve this Commonwealth in 2020 and is a proud graduate of the 2021 class of Emerge KY. “The sky is the limit for KY”, she states, “We will build up this Commonwealth TOGETHER!”

Joan Brannon

Executive Director

Joan Brannon is one of KFTC’s Co-Executive Directors. Joan first joined KFTC’s staff team in 2021 as Organizing Co-Director. With over three decades of experience working to advance racial, economic and social justice, her work is integral to advancing KFTC’s Organizational Change Initiative. Joan is passionate about community building, addressing and healing racial trauma and using art to create social change. Joan is a native Kentuckian who believes deep listening, story sharing and radical acceptance are key strategies to bridging community divides. Joan’s activist/organizing background includes healing drum facilitation and documentary filmmaking. She founded DrummingWorks and has held leadership positions in non-profit and arts organizations, including the Lyric Theatre and Cultural Arts Center, West Louisville Women’s Collaborative, ArtsPower and the Kentucky Foundation for Women.

Morgan Brown

Director of Operations

Morgan joined our staff in summer of 2009. She was born, raised, and still lives in Knox County, surrounded by her extended family.  Morgan enjoys spending time with her husband and their two wonderful children. She works out of our London office.

Skylar Davis

Digital Organizing Manager

Skylar Davis is an activist, artist, and social media manager living in Louisville, KY. Skylar earned her BFA in photography from Eastern Kentucky University in 2012. In her artwork, jobs, and life, she has fought to create a more equitable Kentucky. Through managing social media, Skylar helped raise awareness nationally for KY LGBTQ+ legislation.  She began Period Y’all in 2022, which provides period products, hygiene products, and adult diapers at the Garrard County Food Pantry. Currently, she serves as the Digital Organizing Manager for KFTC.

Corey Dutton

Chapter Organizer

Corey grew up in eastern Kentucky and always said she would move out of state – but fell in love with Louisville and Kentucky organizing. She is a graduate of the University of Louisville with a bachelor’s in history and French. She is passionate about building a better, progressive South, and believes that Kentucky will be a leader in this process. In her (minimal) spare time, Corey is a complete book nerd and can be found reading anything and everything on her front porch.

Eric Fields

Rowan and Big Sandy Chapter Organizer
Eric is an Organizer working in eastern Kentucky. He grew up in Pike County and now lives in Floyd County, where he worked as a social studies teacher for several years teaching geography, civics, and drama before joining the KFTC staff. Eric is an alumni of Georgetown College with degrees in History and Education. He is excited to work for eastern Kentucky communities as they build a better life together.

Tayna Fogle

Lead Organizer

Tayna Fogle is a mother of two young men, a grandmother of eight, and a basketball player extraordinaire. In order to stand up for the issues that were important to her family, she had to bravely defend against harsh drug sentencing policies and learn to navigate bureaucratic mazes to regain her right to vote. Tayna has created Re-entry programs, trainings and ministries in many Kentucky counties. She has been a motivational speaker and community activist, Developer and past Instructor of “Steppin To A New Beat” and the Re-entry/Employment Specialist for Ex-Offenders. Tayna has empowered others for 11 years with the Kentuckians For The Commonwealth as she volunteered, worked on campaigns for the right to vote. She is a former felon that paid her debt to society.  She was the captain of a SEC championship basketball team at the University of Kentucky in 1982. She is also a former drug abuser. She spent several years in prison. She believes that her story has inspired and motivated many citizens to take part in this movement of restoring an individual’s self esteem, dignity, and self respect. 

Ashley Frasher

Operations Associate

Ashley grew up in Salyersville, KY and moved to London in 1999 where she now lives with her partner Daniel and his two kids. She joined the KFTC staff in November 2016 as the Operations Associate and provides day-to-day operational support to the Operations Manager and Deputy Director. In her free time she enjoys reading, embroidering (poorly) and half-finishing DIY projects.

Joe Gallenstein

Lead Organizer

I have been blessed to work for Kentuckians For The Commonwealth in Northern Kentucky since 2010, and with the Rolling Bluegrass Chapter since 2013. If you share our commitment to justice and a desire for a strong democracy then please join us at an upcoming KFTC event!

Reach me at 859-380-6103! 

Ali Gautier

Communications and Development Manager

Ali Gautier is an activist, comedian, and performing artist originally from Danville, KY, currently living in Louisville, serving as Communications & Development Manager for KFTC. You can find her performing throughout the city, or online, usually featuring her cat Matilda, on her Youtube channel and film podcast.

Shana Goggins

Madison and Wilderness Trace Chapter Organizer

"I strongly identify as an Appalachian American as well. I strongly identify with the positive attributes or characteristics and work vehemently to dispel the negative perceptions or stereotypes held about the Appalachian culture, people, and region.  I am a graduate of Eastern Kentucky University. My undergraduate studies focused on the study of Psychology. I hold a M.A in Clinical Mental Health Counseling as well as a Masters in Public Administration from Eastern Kentucky University as well.

My involvement with public, community, or political activities and/or organizations has centered on social justice advocacy and diversity issues. My time has been split between serving in and with bodies that are composed of students and professionals within the field of Domestic Violence, Homelessness and Housing, Mental Health, and Higher Education. My involvement additionally has included time spent serving with or in organizations that have addressed disparities within the Appalachian region or nation at large. I strive to utilize my platform to address injustice and inequality in our society-focusing on creating a culture of health. "

Laura Harper Knight

Lead Organizer

Laura is a graduate of Western Kentucky University , where she majored in Phiolsophy and Public Relations. She has been a member of KFTC since 2015, having served on the Steering Committee and Economic Justice Committee, with a special interest in housing issues. She feels that engaging the arts is a critical part of our organizing strategy. She lives in Bowling Green with her husband, dog, and two cats. In her free time, Laura enjoys playing cello in a local alternative rock band.

Jessica Hays Lucas

Organizing Co-Director

Jessica has been on KFTC's Organizing Team since September 2006, first working with with the Economic Justice Committee and the Leadership Development Committee, and now is Co-Director of the Organizing Team. She grew up in south-central Kentucky, moved out of state for three long years, and got involved with KFTC in 2004 when she moved back to Kentucky. Jess lives in Lexington with her family. 

Erik Hungerbuhler

Data & Digital Communications Manager

After many years as KFTC's website manager/e-organizer, Erik has shifted into a data and digital communications role. He grew up in Corbin and is a graduate of the University of Kentucky. He was involved with KFTC in a number of different roles as a member before joining the staff and is excited about integrating the website and social media into our organizing strategy. He currently lives in Lexington with his wife and two daughters. He spends some of his free time geeking out on sci-fi, playing board games and helping at his wife's yarn store, Rebelle. He is an accomplished knitter and always willing to teach others.

Leila Hunter

Democracy Organizer

Leila (she/her) was born in Tennessee, raised in Maine, lived briefly in the Middle East, and found her way to Kentucky via the Midwest. She comes to KFTC with a Master of Social Work degree from Washington University in St. Louis and a Master of Arts in Peace and Social Transformation from the Earlham School of Religion. Leila likes to work with people — in the past, she has provided resources and empathy to people living with HIV, survivors of domestic and sexual violence, and teenagers from around the world. Leila is passionate about intersectional feminism, voter and civic engagement, and listening to people’s stories. She loves learning about and discussing forensic science, cats, the moon, and human sexuality. Someday, she hopes to read everything ever written by bell hooks and J.R.R. Tolkien.

Nyeila Jones

Jefferson County Chapter Organizer

Nyeila is a Eastern Kentucky University graduate. She earned her Bachelors in Political Science and Social Justice Studies, these programs taught her how to fight against injustice through activism and policy change. While working for multiple campaigns she grew a passion for registering young people and people of color to vote in every election possible.

Kellie McClure

Communications and Development Manager

Kellie McClure is a Communications and Development Manager at KFTC. Kellie currently resides in Lexington with her house rabbits, cats, and husband. She joined KFTC’s staff in January 2022 and comes from a direct service background in housing and mental health. She is thrilled to be at KFTC because she knows changing the systems that harm our communities is the ultimate act of care.

Brittany McCubbin

Northern Kentucky Chapter Organizer

Brittany McCubbin joined our staff in 2021. She is a lifelong Northern Kentuckian and passionate about making Kentucky a more just place for all to live. Prior to KFTC, she has worked in LGBTQ+ advocacy and on Kentucky political campaigns. Additionally, she graduated from Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelor's in English.

Quinn Mulholland

Central Kentucky Chapter Organizer

Quinn was born and raised in Atlanta but has roots in central Kentucky. He is passionate about housing justice, environmental justice, and Southern movement building. Having delved into electoral organizing with the Stacey Abrams for Governor campaign in 2018 and more recently tenant organizing with Housing Justice League in Atlanta, he knows the power of community organizing to effect real, long-lasting change. He is also an avid bicyclist, cook, and sports fan, although in return for his undying devotion, Atlanta’s sports teams have given him nothing but grief.

Dave Newton

Organizing Co-Director

Dave has been an active member of KFTC since 1999, is a graduate of the University of Kentucky with degrees in History and Political Science and has experience organizing with the Kentucky Democratic Party, internal and external union organizing with SEIU in California, has worked as a consultant, and most recently was Deputy Director of Media Justice in Oakland, CA.  He now lives in Covington, KY after coming back to us after 5 years out of state.  He's also a giant nerd who loves sci-fi and cats.

Heather Roe Mahoney

Deputy Director

Heather grew up on a farm in Lewis County, Kentucky and graduated from the University of Louisville more years ago than she'd like to admit.  She came to KFTC in 2005 after working for seven years at Democracy Resource Center, first as project coordinator, then as co-director. She works closely with the Executive Director, helps with foundation fundraising, provides administrative oversight for KFTC, and staffs several of our leadership teams including the Steering Committee, Executive Committee, and Finance Committee.  She lives in Lexington with her husband Chris and son Kaden.

Carl Weaver

Cumberland Chapter Organizer

Carl is a life-long Kentuckian, from Laurel County.  Carl has a background in community service through his work in public education, criminal justice, and small business. His family has been a permanent fixture in downtown London Kentucky with their restaurant, Weaver's Hot Dogs serving the community since 1940.  Carl graduated from Union College with a degree in Sociology and attended Eastern Kentucky University to receive a Master's degree in Community Counseling, paving his future path to serve as an Addiction Recovery Facilitator in 5 jails in the Eastern region, helping inmates with their transition from jail back into the community.  Currently, Carl lives in Williamsburg with his wife Angelika enjoying fitness, travel, and reclaiming vintage clothing.