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Making our voices heard in Congress

Kentucky Deserves Better

Kentuckians agree. Our communities deserve clean water, first-rate schools, affordable health care, and good jobs right here at home that don’t sacrifice our health or environment. And today, right now, we need COVID-19 relief that provides substantial assistance to people most impacted by the ongoing pandemic.

Too often, our elected leaders in Washington work against what's best for our communities. Who benefits when they take stands against equality for all people, against limits on pollution, against clean energy and green jobs, and against affordable education and health care? Kentucky deserves better. 

KFTC members are making our voices heard in Washington, D.C. on issues that matter to our families and communities. We're educating voters and informing our neighbors about the roles Kentucky’s elected leaders are playing. We're lobbying in Washington and participating in regional and national coalitions. And we're taking part in nonviolent direct actions because Kentucky deserves better.

Ways you can make your voice heard in Congress:

  • Contact KFTC if you're interested in lobbying in Washington, D.C. to protect affordable health care, support a just economic transition for coal communities, end racial in justices, preserve Black Lung benefits, end mountaintop removal mining and protect our water and mountain communities.
  • Work with KFTC to set up a meeting with your representatives or senators in your home district during the off-season.

Get informed – and help educate others!

  • Follow this link to profiles of Kentucky’s senators and representatives and some of the roles they play in Congress. 
  • Learn more about bills in Congress KFTC is following.