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Our Approach

KFTC is vision based and solution oriented. We believe that today, right now, we have the opportunity to build New Power in Kentucky – with a more authentic democracy, a just and sustainable economy, and a clean energy future. At the same time, we work to oppose injustice and end destructive practices.

“KFTC is a learning organization. We are a place that believes ordinary people can do extraordinary things.”
Steve Boyce

We believe in the power of community organizing – people working together to achieve common goals. Organizing empowers us to help shape decisions affecting our lives and the larger community. It's a long-term approach that focuses on building and exercising power, especially among people affected by injustice, to improve the quality of life for all.

The key to community organizing is building relationships among diverse groups of people. KFTC’s New Power Leader program is a great way to learn and practice the art of organizing, one conversation at a time.

Leadership development is KFTC’s highest priority as we work to build grassroots power and win important issues. We offer workshops, leadership roles, and mentoring opportunities to help people build skills and confidence and share their strengths with others.

KFTC members use a range of important strategies to achieve our organizing goals, including strategic communications, voter empowerment, non-violent direct action (ranging from letter writing to lobbying to protests and demonstrations), chapter building, grassroots fundraising, alliance building and litigation. 

Our commitment to diversity is an important part of our identity and purpose. We seek to build a membership that's diverse in many ways, including age, race, gender, income and class, geography, issue interests, religion, political affiliation, national origin and sexual identity. We work to build relationships and understanding across lines of difference in KFTC and in our communities. And we challenge ourselves to reflect our commitment to diversity in our campaigns, leadership programs, and strategies.

Our structure is democratic. With more than 10,500 members across the state, KFTC is governed by a Steering Committee elected by the members. We also have statewide committees that recommend and implement key parts of KFTC’s program, including our statewide issue campaigns. In about a dozen places, KFTC members have organized to establish local chapters in their county or city.

KFTC’s success depends on the involvement and commitment of thousands of people, including you!