Mission & Vision | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Kentuckians For The Commonwealth is a statewide organization working for a new balance of power and a just society. As we work together we build our strength, individually and as a group, and we find solutions to real life problems. We use direct action to challenge – and change – unfair political, economic and social systems. Our membership is open to all people who are committed to equality, democracy and non-violent change.

Our Vision

We have a vision …

We are working for a day when Kentuckians – and all people –
enjoy a better quality of life.

When the lives of people and communities matter before profits.

When our communities have good jobs that support our families
without doing damage to the water, air, and land.

When companies and the wealthy pay their share of taxes
and can’t buy elections.

When all people have health care, shelter, food,
education, and other basic needs.

When children are listened to and valued.

When discrimination is wiped out of our laws, habits, and hearts.

And when the voices of ordinary people
are heard and respected in our democracy.