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Energy Democracy

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As Kentuckians, we want what everybody wants:

  • more affordable energy
  • good jobs that don’t do damage to our land, air, or water
  • a say in the important decisions that affect us
  • healthy communities.

This is why we’re working hard to build an energy democracy in Kentucky

Energy Democracy is the simple idea that communities, not companies, should control and benefit from our energy resources and systems. We know it’s not enough to advance clean energy solutions, unless those solutions are also putting power in the hands of residents, workers, and low-income and people-of-color communities. 

In a state like Kentucky, where our utilities are monopolies that decide where we get our energy and how much we pay for it; where Kentuckians across the state consistently choose between keeping the lights on and putting food on the table; and where our energy predominantly still comes from extractive and profit-driven fossil fuel industries, working for energy democracy can look like many things. 

We have a vision for Kentucky’s energy democracy, and we're taking action:

  • We're educating Kentuckians, particularly those who belong to a rural electric cooperative, through the Power House Project. This series of free workshops around the state teach Kentuckians how to reduce our bills and save energy, how to benefit from solar energy and utility energy efficiency programs, and how to collectively hold our utilities and elected officials accountable.

  • We’re speaking out and standing up against unfair and frequent rate increases by Kentucky’s investor-owned utilities. Click here for more information on the most recent campaign to stop Louisville Gas and Electric and Kentucky Utilities from raising–and rigging–rates. 

  • We’re working to support innovative, local, and community-led solutions to Kentuckians’ high bills and poor housing stock, through programs like Benham$aves,

  • We’re fighting for statewide policies that protect Kentuckians’ right to clean, affordable energy and a say in where it comes from. This ranges from our fight to protect rooftop solar in 2017, 2018 and 2019, to our advocacy for the Clean Energy Opportunity Act, to our collaboration with other solar advocates around the state to advance a narrative that solar works in Kentucky.

Claiming our energy democracy will be an important and necessary step in Kentucky’s Just Transition to equitable clean energy economy that works for all of us, no matter our color or gender, where we come from, or how much money we have.