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Making our voices heard in the KY General Assembly

KFTC members play an important role in issues that matter in the Kentucky General Assembly. We put the grassroots in grassroots lobbying! And we have a long track record of helping to pass important legislation, and stopping bad ideas before they become law.

For decades, every winter KFTC members make multiple trips to Frankfort to meet with legislators, testify before committees, and hold rallies and demonstrations at the Capitol. We share stories and information with legislators to promote ideas that can improve the quality of life in our state. And we hold lawmakers accountable if they ignore the needs of their constituents.

That will have to be different for the 2021 General Assembly in order for people to remain safe during the ongoing pandemic, but we can't allow this to be used as an excuse to further deny Kentuckians access to legislators and legislative proceedings. KFTC and allies are working to make sure the process stays open and accountable.

  • Call or write your legislators to let them know your views on important issues.
  • Set up a meeting with your legislators during their January recess (January 9 - February 1). They should have the ability to set up online meetings, or set one up yourself.

  • Call the toll-free Legislative Message Line (800-372-7181) to leave a message for any legislator or group of legislators.

Get informed – and help educate others!

  • Follow this link to KFTC’s bill tracker, an updated list of bills we’re following during the most current legislative session.
  • Learn more about KFTC’s priority legislative goals, including:
    • Our priorities for each week vary as we find the most important ways to support racial justice, energy justice, economic justice and a healthy democracy.
    • So far, our top legislative goals include passing voting rights legislation and Breonna's Law, supporting public education and teachers, supporting initiatives to make voting easier and more accessible, passing statewide fairness and other positive changes.
    • We're working to stop bad bills such as an anti-immigrant/sanctuary bill, a "War on the Poor" bill, attacks on women's health care and other regressive policies.
    • We also support efforts to reverse past mistakes by the General Assembly, including making it much more difficult for miners to receive their black lung benefits and the 2019 legislation to squash the rooftop solar industry.