Why not us? How about now? Join us! | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Why not us? How about now? Join us!

 We are Kentuckians – determined, creative, and united. We are inviting people from Paducah to Pikeville to share ideas for solving our energy challenges. We will listen. And together we will write an energy plan for our beloved home, a blueprint for a brighter energy future.

  • Take our survey to share your vision and voice for Kentucky’s bright energy future. 

  • Organize an Empower Kentucky house-party, public forum or listening session in your community.

  • Run for office, or support good candidates and hold public leaders accountable.

  • Support clean energy projects in your community, especially ones that expand access to clean energy jobs, health, and energy savings.

  • Take steps to use energy efficiently, and use renewable energy to the extent possible.