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Our Opportunity

The Clean Power Plan: our opportunity, our choice

The Clean Power Plan creates the opportunity for Kentuckians to re-think and re-shape our energy system in ways that benefit local jobs, health, affordability and the climate. This new federal rule requires states to cut carbon dioxide emissions from power plants over the next 15 years, and gives us time and flexibility to figure out the best ways to get the job done.


Kentucky’s current energy system features big risks, costs

  • Nearly all of Kentucky’s energy eggs are in one basket. Ninety-three percent of Kentucky’s electricity is generated by burning coal, compared to just 39% for the U.S. as a whole. Only three percent of our electricity currently comes from renewable energy, mostly from hydro. (Source)


What’s possible here in Kentucky?

Many clean energy solutions are already working in Kentucky. With the right mix of policies and investments, these types of solutions could reach people in every corner of our state:


Understanding the Clean Power Plan

The Clean Power Plan (CPP), announced by the Environmental Protection Agency in August 2015, aims to lower carbon dioxide (CO2) pollution from electric power plants by 32% over the next 15 years. The rule is complicated. Key features include:


What happens if Kentucky refuses to comply with the EPA’s Clean Power Plan?

Many of Kentucky’s political leaders have said they will refuse to comply with the new rule. Senator Mitch McConnell has gone so far as to contact state governors and foreign governments to promote a “just say no” strategy. Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway has joined with 15 other states to take legal action aimed at overturning the rule. And in 2014 – months before the EPA had released an early draft of its plan – the Kentucky legislature passed a law prohibiting state agencies from submitting a plan that complies with the federal rule.


The case for clean energy: jobs, health, and affordability

The Clean Power Plan provides an opportunity to generate new jobs, improved health, and affordable energy, while also meeting our obligation to the climate and future generations.


The case for urgent, meaningful climate action

The harmful consequences of climate change are happening now, and those risks will intensify over time. A flood of recent, comprehensive, national and international reports reach the following strong conclusions: