Shaping a brighter energy future – for all of us | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Shaping a brighter energy future – for all of us

Today, Kentuckians have an important opportunity to design a new, clean energy system for our Commonwealth. What's your vision?

The Clean Power Plan invites each state to write our own energy plan. This new federal rule requires states to reduce our carbon pollution from power plants by 2030, and gives us the opportunity to say how to get it done.

If a state chooses not to write its own plan, the EPA will impose a one-size-fits-all solution.

Kentucky's political leaders have said they will refuse to write a plan for Kentucky. They are turning their backs, again, on our opportunity and Kentucky's future.

If the politicians won't do it, it's up to us. We are Kentuckians – determined, creative, and united. And together we will write a new energy plan for our beloved home.

The Empower Kentucky project invites Kentuckians from Paducah to Pikeville to share your vision for a bright energy future, one that is good for all of us. We will listen. We will learn from the wisdom of experts and everyday people. Together we will develop homegrown solutions to create tens of thousands of new jobs for Kentuckians, protect our health, generate affordable and reliable power, and do our part to halt climate change.

We are ready to empower Kentuckians, to empower Kentucky. Our health, our economy, our jobs, our communities – our future – depend on it. Join us!