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About the ABF Conference

Why are we having a conference?

Eastern Kentucky's economy is changing fast, and our future is unwritten.

We believe we have the opportunity to move forward together, to build a new economy here in the mountains—a diverse, homegrown economy good for all people.

We can generate new jobs, new businesses, and new opportunities for the workers, families and young people of eastern Kentucky.

It won't be easy, but we can have a bright future here, if we build it.

We believe it’s essential that the transition to the new economy is a just transition—one that celebrates our culture and invests in communities and workers who depend on the old economy. We have many assets here.

Our goal is to develop opportunities for our people, for eastern Kentucky, to thrive.

We hope you’ll join us for a conversation about the opportunities and challenges we face in our state and region as we work together to build the next economy here in eastern Kentucky.

When and where was the conference?

This three-day gathering in Harlan featured information on the changing economy, lessons from other regions that have gone through transition, and examples of entrepreneurs and communities beginning to build our bright future. 

Appalachia's Bright Future Conference

Harlan Convention Center
201 South Main St.
Harlan KY 40831

Who was this conference for?

This gathering was for anyone who cares about the future of eastern Kentucky and Central Appalachia and is interested in a positive, constructive conversation about the challenges and opportunities we face. Please join us whether you are already working to build a more diverse and sustainable economy or simply want to learn more about what a just transition means and ways to move forward together.