Tanya Torp | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Tanya Torp

How/Why/How long have you been involved with KFTC?  

Two years.

How/why did you decide to become a New Power Leader?

I believe in the model that reminds me of the heart of grassroots organizing: Power to the people, power through relationships, synergy and sharing your passion with the people in your sphere of influence.

How did you decide who you wanted to invite to be in your cluster of people?  

I looked at those I interact with on a regular basis whom I know have hearts to want to empower others or be empowered themselves.

What are some of the things you’ve done with your cluster of folk?  

I have emailed them about events. Personally invited them to events. And had amazing conversations about the issues. I am always more careful to listen than to talk because I want to hear their perspective. That keeps them engaged and lets them know that I value their opinion even if it is different from mine. It is about sharing the stories and the information and giving them the information to make informed decisions on where they stand.

What are some of the outcomes you’ve seen?

People are more willing to listen, and listening leads to engagement. Engagement leads to action and taking ownership.

What are some of your plans or aspirations with your cluster members?

 I want to do some lobby training and continue to grow in our relationships together.

What skills do you feel like you’ve developed, and what skills would you like to continue to develop?  

After the KFTC Annual Meeting in 2010, I feel I have been properly trained in telling my story in a way that relays facts as well as my emotionally vested interest without being preachy or alienating. I want to continue developing lobbying skills and become more adept at talking points

What’s your vision for your community and Kentucky?

A healthier more cohesive Kentucky not based on who has more money and resources but who is informed and empowered with knowledge.

What do you think the impact could be of having 1,000 New Power Leaders in Kentucky?

The sky is literally the limit.