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Add your voice to protect health care for Kentuckians

Governor Matt Bevin is continuing his push to reshape Kentucky’s Medicaid program, that under his predecessor Steve Beshear led to one of the largest reductions of uninsured people in the U.S. 

At a June 22 press conference, Bevin unveiled his HEALTH plan to overhaul Medicaid in Kentucky. His proposed changes could impact benefits for as many as 1.2 million Kentuckians, including nearly 450,000 who are threatened with loss of coverage all together.


Summary/Analysis of Proposed Medicaid Changes by the Kentucky Center for Economic Policy

Consumer Fact Sheet from Keep Kentucky Covered

Gov. Bevin’s HEALTH proposal

Public Comment Period Flyer

KCEP Report on Medicaid's Role in Advancing Health


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Keep Kentucky Covered, a coalition of health care groups, says Bevin’s proposal “will put Kentucky’s successful Medicaid expansion and the tremendous health gains we’ve made at risk. It will put more burden on low-income, working Kentuckians and our most vulnerable citizens.”

A series of three public hearings begins today in Bowling Green, with other hearings in Frankfort tomorrow and Hazard next week. KFTC members are planning to attend and speak in support of health care.

But the best way for most of us to express our opinion is through written comments.

Why does Bevin's plan matter?

  • It would reduce care for many Kentuckians, including dental and vision care for adults.

  • It would create new co-pays and a “lock-out” penalty for families who can’t afford this.

  • It would institute work and community service requirements that have shown in other states to do nothing to reduce poverty.

  • It would be invasive and make it harder to maintain coverage.

Kentucky should focus on expanding access to quality, affordable health care for all Kentuckians. The governor’s plan takes us in the opposite direction.

Take Action

Send a written comment about the Kentucky HEALTH waiver proposal by the July 22 deadline.

MESSAGE: “All Kentuckians deserve access to quality and affordable health care. The governor’s HEALTH proposal creates more barriers, takes Kentucky backwards and should be withdrawn. We should not take away anyone’s health care!”

At a minimum, please send the above message, but you’re encouraged to write your own comments, especially if you will be affected by these proposed changes. The resources in the right column give more details about what’s at stake.

Send written comments by mail to Commissioner Stephen Miller, Department for Medicaid Services, 275 E. Main Street, Frankfort, KY 40621, or by email to [email protected]. All comments must be received by Friday, July 22 at 5 p.m. EDT.

Thanks for taking action!

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