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Tell the General Assembly to protect Kentuckians and go home

In times of crisis, our government should work to mitigate damage, help communities get through acute challenges, and support our efforts to help each other. We appreciate Governor Beshear’s work to do just that. But House and Senate Leadership are not hearing the message. And the people of Kentucky cannot be there to hold them accountable.

If the legislature continues to take up legislation today, they may vote on key issues our members have been fighting for – for weeks and for years. Here are the needed actions on those bills. 

Voting Rights: This legislation is now in SB 62, supported by KFTC and the Kentucky Voting Rights Coalition. But there’s a risk that SB 62 will change. To prevent that, and to point a vote in the right direction, please take just 5 minutes leave a message to “SUPPORT THE HOUSE COMMITTEE SUBSTITUTE FOR SB 62.” 

Family Separation: It’s possible that the House will vote on SB 1 this week, if the legislature doesn’t gavel out for the session. Legislators should “VOTE NO ON SB 1.”

COVID-19 and public health protocols mean that most Kentuckians can’t access the Capitol buildings right now. But leadership continued to call committee hearings, take votes, and pass legislation--all against the advice of national health experts, and all without the participation of the people.

Senate President Stivers and Speaker Osborne just announced that they’re taking a break until March 26. This is inadequate. The legislature shouldn’t convene while people are unable to participate.

The General Assembly could respond to this crisis moment and act to protect public health, support Kentucky’s workers, and make sure that the voices of Kentuckians are heard in our democracy even if the pandemic continues – then gavel out as soon as possible. But instead, House and Senate Leadership seem intent on continuing to pass laws without our participation.

This is not right.

While the public is locked out of the legislative process, the legislature should only work to address the impacts of this public health crisis. Beyond that necessary and urgent work, the legislature should not convene during a pandemic.

Take Action:

  • Call the Legislative Message Line (800-372-7181) and leave a message for your legislators, and House and Senate Leadership: “If the Capitol is closed because of a public health crisis, then addressing that crisis is the only thing the legislature should be doing. Otherwise you should be home.” 
  • Contact legislators on Twitter. Let them know that if they’re not working to protect Kentuckians and support public health, they should stay home. Tweet at House and Senate Leadership:

    Sen. Robert Stivers (R)            @kysenatepres
    Sen. David Givens (R)              @kydavidgivens
    Sen. Damon Thayer (R)           @damon_thayer
    Sen. Julie Raque Adams (R)   @jrajra
    Sen. Mike Wilson (R)               @mikewilson2018
    Sen. Morgan McGarvey (D)    @MorganMcGarvey
    Sen. Dennis Parrett (D)           @SenatorParrett
    Rep. David Osborne (R)          @reposborne
    Rep. David Meade (R)             @DavidMeadeKY
    Rep. John Carney (R)              @BamCarney
    Rep. Suzanne Miles (R)           @MilesForKY
    Rep. Chad McCoy (R)              @DChadM
    Rep. Joni Jenkins (D)             @RepJoniJenkins
    Rep. Angie Hatton (D)            @AngieHatton16