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Write a letter to the editor


Writing a letter to the editor is something simple and easy that can reach thousands of Kentuckians and help to educate, organize, and build awareness around the issues that we care about. Even very short letters can be powerful.

Letters to the editor are a free, effective way to let decision-makers and the community at-large know how you feel about important issues and share our vision.

Your letter to the editor should be:

  • Brief (250 words or fewer, depending on the paper), easy to read, and to the point. Some of the best letters are just a couple of sentences long.
  • Focused on one issue, and maybe even one angle of a particular issue.
  • Supported by key facts.
  • Personal. Tell your story. Describe how you are affected or why you care about this issue.
  • A call to action. What do you want decision-makers and members of the public to do?

If one of your letters gets published, or you would like help in distributing your letter, let us know!