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Power Maps

Building New Power in Kentucky means working for a clean and just energy transition, an economy that works for all of us, and a democracy that’s fair and includes all Kentuckians. To do this, we’re building a toolbox that’s resilient and diverse. Power Maps are tools to support organizing for Energy Democracy. These projects empower our strategy and action through data, analysis, visualizations, and localized information. Our goal is to develop these tools, share resources, and make our processes and sources available for everyone.

In Kentucky, by law utilities are guaranteed a monopoly in their service territory. Even though we don’t have a say in where we get our energy from, we still can be vocal for change in our energy system. Power House Workshops bring together neighbors in a county to talk about increasing energy efficiency and savings in our homes. County Power Profiles are 4-page handouts created for each workshop to take a deep data-packed dive into a county’s electric utilities, comparing energy charges, energy burden, and situating a county within the state’s legislative districts. Each profile is available for download. We’re working for a day when we all have affordable and efficiency energy, no matter where we live in Kentucky or what we look like. Some households across the state experience higher energy burden than others, meaning a higher proportion of their yearly income is spent on energy. Using utility-reported data from 2016, our analysis examines how large a bite electricity bills take, on average, from household incomes across Kentucky and is helping us examine energy affordability.

Kentucky has over 50 electric utilities, including rural electric cooperatives, municipally-owned, and investor-owned companies. Explore how energy rates and charges, average monthly bills, and energy efficiency programs vary across utilities statewide on this interactive web map. View the results from our Electricity Energy Burden Analysis as a layer on the map, too.