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County Power Profiles

 We believe that data is an empowering tool that can inform our conversations, strategy, and organizing. County Power Profiles are 4-page handouts developed as supplemental materials and resources for our Power House Workshops. These are a reference material for some of the workshop curriculum and also provide supplemental data, maps, and information to participants about their own local electric utilities. Each participant receives a printed color copy and can take the handouts home with them after the workshop. 

Power Profiles are helping us to:

  • Compare electric utilities at a local, county level. The profiles compare each utility's base fee, energy charge, and average monthly electric bill for residential customers.
  • Learn more about tracking utility-specific data. Take a look at the data we collected for every electric utility across the state: KY Electric Providers (data as of Feb 2018).
  • Examine our Electricity Energy Burden Analysis at the county level.
  • Situate counties within our legislative landscape. Each profile has maps of each county's congressional, state senate, and state house districts, including current representatives and next election dates. 

Data and Methods:

Being transparent about data sources and methods for analysis and visualization is important to us. Each Power Profile has a Data Sources and Methods page which outlines data sources and processes used in development of County Power Profiles. 

In 2018, we collected data for each electric utility across the state, including base fee, energy charge, on-bill financing programs, and more in order to create these county-specific handouts. Use the spreadsheet to find a list of all electric utilities within a certain county and view utility-specific data. 

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