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Former Felon Voices

April Browning

gIMG_0650"First and foremost, I'm a mom," says April Browning, after mulling over my vague introductory question, asking her to tell me about herself. She subconsciously looks through the trees in the city park we're meeting in to make sure her son is still close by. 

Ed West

gIMG_1379Ed West, a forever resident of Lexington, Kentucky, is a community mentor, loving father of three, professional welder, supportive husband, part time preacher, and a car restoration enthusiast. Among all of Ed’s defining qualities, he also wears a stigmatizing label: former felon. 

James Snyder

James Snyder 1"I'm a veteran of 9 years in the U.S. Army infantry. My dad was in the military and I grew up on army bases. Both my grandfathers served in the military, too." 

But despite this service and more, James Snyder does not have the right to vote here in Kentucky. 


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