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Chapter: Wilderness Trace

Our chapter is located in central Kentucky's Wilderness Trace counties of Boyle, Mercer, Garrard, Lincoln, and Casey (Wilderness Trace is a historic name for this part of Kentucky).

We're concerned with sustainable energy issues – promoting local solar projects and addressing problems from the neighboring coal-burning power plant and slurry pond; Fairness – ensuring people can live in our community free from legal discrimination; affordable housing – making sure the people in these areas have good places to live; and economic justice in general – helping people have a voice and way to speak out.

We welcome all who want to be part of our growing group. Our monthly meetings are a great space to engage with other members and learn what we are currently working on.


Recent Activities

Madison County learns from guests, engages in great annual chapter meeting

Pie. Diversity. Relationships. Students. Growth. Beards. This might not seem like typical conversation fodder for a KFTC chapter meeting, but these topics served as just some of the highlights for the Madison County KFTC annual chapter meeting, held the evening of June 24.

Madison County 2013 Annual Chapter Meeting

Members spent the first half of the meeting conducting necessary business, including petitioning to remain a chapter, electing people to the Steering Committee and Executive Committee, and discussing KFTC’s platform, which they felt should be updated to better address concerns about the transportation of fossil fuels and fossil fuel by-products. The chapter also took time to celebrate work they’ve done so far this year, having already raised $1,600 in chapter fundraising, but held off on making new goals, saving that instead for the July chapter meeting when there is more time for discussion.

Wilderness Trace hosts successful Barn Bash

Wilderness Trace 2013 Barn Bash

Lots of good planning and plenty of hard work culminated into a highly successful and fun first-annual Barn Bash for the Wilderness Trace KFTC chapter. On Saturday, June 22, nearly 80 people, including members and new friends, gathered at Woodwind Farm in Junction City for an afternoon of good music, good food, and good company, all in an effort to raise money and raise awareness about KFTC’s work.

Lee Ann Paynter, one of the members who helped found the chapter, spoke to the crowd about why she joined KFTC and cares about our work. “When I was moving from California back to Kentucky, I decided I wanted to do something good for the state. After I got online and learned about KFTC, I joined and became a sustaining giver sight unseen because I felt what they were doing was that important.” She then encouraged everyone to be sure to join before they left. 

Building power and having fun in Wilderness Trace

Since becoming an official chapter last September, the Wilderness Trace chapter (representing Boyle, Mercer, Garrard, and Lincoln counties) has been hard at work contributing to KFTC’s statewide issue campaigns and making their presence known in the community.

Vice Presidential Debate, Centre College 2012

Wilderness Trace made quite a splash last fall by registering 58 new voters at Bluegrass Community and Technical College in just two days and playing an active role in the Speaker's Park at the Vice Presidential Debate at Centre College. Several members spoke, including Daniel Morgan, Lee Ann Paynter, and Preston Miles, sharing their personal stories, while other members staffed a KFTC information table.

After the election, members kept momentum going with their first chapter fundraising event in December with the No Greater Task: Art and Activism poster show at V the Market in Danville, where they recruited several new members and raised more than $900 for the organization, making it one of the most successful poster show events across the state.

Join KFTC at the Vice Presidential Debate in Danville: Thursday, October 11

The new Wildnerness Trace chapter of KFTC invites you to join them at the Vice Presidential Debate Festival in Danville on Thursday, October 11, 2012.

KFTC members will be speaking on the issues we work on that are important to the national debate--either because they're being addressed or have been ignored and need to be heard.

If you come to join us for the day, please wear your KFTC t-shirt if you have one, or any bright green shirt. We want to stand out in the crowd!

4:30 pm -- KFTC Speakers at the Speakers' Park Introduction to KFTC and local organizing -- Wilderness Trace Chapter members Economic Justice: Tax and Budget Issues -- Dana Beasley Brown Voting Rights -- Tayna Fogle Coal & Energy -- Carl Shoupe

Wilderness Trace chapter voter registration efforts

IMG_6965Our newest chapter based in Boyle County hit the ground running just one day after becoming a chapter by holding a voter registration training and planning  three days of registration next week at BCTC in Danville. 

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday of next week between 9 a.m. and 7 p.m. during each class change period, members will register students to vote. 


Chapter Feature:

KFTC member Nick Lacy took this photo of fellow member Lee Ann Paynter at a hearing on Fairness in Danville in early 2014. 

Lee Ann Paynter speaks in support of Fairness in Danville

Regular Meetings:

Inter-County Energy Community Room
1009 Hustonville Road
Danville, KY
Monthly chapter meeting

Our regular chapter meeting is on the first Monday of the month and starts at 7:00 p.m. All are welcome.

Chapter Organizer:

Shana Goggins