Singing For Democracy | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Singing For Democracy

Join KFTC and allies to celebrate our democracy through music and movement! Listen to those who are shut out of our democracy, as well as folks who have only recently been able to be a part of it. 

Music will be provided from local churches, MUSE, and the Poor People's Campaign! We'll hear from those who are too young to vote, and those who just became old enough. We'll hear from people who are not yet citizens, and those who recently became so. We'll also hear from those whose felonies in their past still keep them out of our democracy, and those who have fought to get their right to vote restored.

September 28, 2019 - 3:00pm
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Dietz Auditorim in Lloyd Memorial High School
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450 Bartlett Avenue
Erlanger, KY 41018