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Urgent action needed to protect Health Care for all

Our Lives Are on the Line

Stand up for basic rights and quality of life

Everyone deserves high-quality and affordable health care. But right now, our health and well-being is under attack by Senator Mitch McConnell, Senator Rand Paul and Governor Matt Bevin.

They are using their powerful positions to unravel health care laws and programs that have helped nearly 500,000 more Kentuckians get health coverage since 2013. Sen. McConnell remains determined to eliminate the Affordable Care Act – even though he has failed so far – and take away health coverage for 22 to 32 million people, including hundreds of thousands of Kentuckians. Republicans in the U.S. House and Senate are proposing severe changes to the Affordable Care Act via their tax cut legislation. And Governor Bevin has proposed a complicated new set of rules that would shove 95,000 people off the state’s Medicaid program, limit dental and vision coverage for many more, and make it much harder for Kentuckians to qualify for Medicaid.

Kentuckians deserve so much better. The GOP is in negotiations to pass a final version their tax legislation which may inclue massive cuts to the Affordable Care Act. Urgent actions are needed to stop these attacks and protect affordable health care for all Kentuckians. Please visit our action page on the tax bill to find out the latest information and ways to take action.

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Note these infographics are for the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and the House GOP bill (AHCA) dismantling the Affordable Care Act.