Tiff Duncan | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Tiff Duncan


Tiff Duncan has served on the Executive Committee for one year in the At-Large position. She’s also been an active leader in the CKY Chapter, serving on the Democracy Team, as the Steering Committee Representative, and as the alternate before that, and consistently helping with fundraising, tabling, and phonebanking. Tiff has also participated in the KFTC Academy, and lends support to KFTC’s statewide issue work.  Additionally, Tiff has been instrumental in hefty organizational work, like the Organizational Change Initiative and the IBB process with the KFTC staff union. Tiff brings a strong anti-oppression lens to her leadership at every level. She has both anchored and supported important pockets of disability justice work at KFTC, and she’s supported the CKY chapter in growing its racial awareness. Her insights are valued across the organization, as are her high expectations for KFTC, her thoughtfulness, and her collaborative approach. Tiff identifies as “fat, black, woman, cisgender, 33.”