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News of KFTC and our issues

Kentucky’s past legislative session showed alarming trend toward government secrecy

May 16, 2021

For most of us who saw the horrifying video of George Floyd’s murder, former Officer Derek Chauvin’s recent guilty verdict was not a surprise.

One chilling question was left unanswered, though: Would Officer Chauvin have been charged, much less convicted, if the public never saw that video or knew of his name? Sadly, I don’t think he would.

Churchill Downs takes more than it gives. That's why the Kentucky Derby is a no-go for me

April 27, 2021

This year the Derby is a no-go for me. I’m too conscious of all the ways in which the horse industry, and Churchill Downs specifically, extracts from our community’s resources and provides little in return. 

‘We must never forget.’ Kentucky town installs markers for lynching victims.

April 8, 2021

From 1878 to 1911, there were at least six lynchings in Shelby County. Between 1877 and 1934, the lynching of at least 186 Black people took place in Kentucky, according to data compiled by the University of Washington.

5 Years, 1 Bill: Kentucky’s Black Lawmakers Shut Out Of Process

April 7, 2021

[N]o bills primarily sponsored by Scott, D-Louisville, have passed at all since she became the first Black, female legislator to be elected to the statehouse in almost 20 years. And, until this year — since at least 2017 — no bills led by Kentucky’s Black (and all-Democrat) legislators have passed, according to a data analysis by LEO Weekly.

American rescue plan is a lifeline for Kentuckians

March 18, 2021

The landmark American Rescue Plan (ARP) Act Congress passed this week reflects a rediscovered truth. Its passage is a lifeline to families and communities through the choppy waters of the pandemic. The new law will provide much-needed relief and allow us to emerge on the other side of COVID stronger and more secure.

KY legislators rushed state tax breaks to Beshear’s desk worth hundreds of millions

March 17, 2021

Kentucky legislators hurriedly shoveled more state tax breaks toward Gov. Andy Beshear’s desk, adding to the many billions of dollars in state tax breaks already on the books.

‘This changes everything.’ How new law will help one million Kentucky kids.

March 12, 2021

The child tax credit has been around for years, but families that didn’t make enough money to pay taxes didn’t receive it. The Biden plan expands it from $2,000 a year to up to $3,600 per child with direct monthly payments to families, guaranteeing a kind of basic income for families.

Keep rooftop solar pricing as is, for the good of the climate and our budgets

March 11, 2021

(T)he Ky Public Service Commission (PSC) is considering a requested 80 percent reduction in the KU/LG&E credit paid for rooftop solar power and a 75 percent drop in the KPC service area (drops in the same prices they sell power to us).

‘Big Tent’ Environmental Justice Plan Looks Past Racial Divides

February 5, 2021

Environmental justice advocates are looking to link communities of color with experience fighting industrial polluters and landfills with polluted communities in Appalachia—a “big tent,” strength-in-numbers approach they say is ripe for results.

Kentucky restored voting rights to 178,000 with felonies. That's not far enough, advocates say

January 28, 2021

More than 178,390 Kentuckians who completed sentences for nonviolent felony convictions have regained their voting rights since Gov.


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