KFTC’s New Power PAC endorses Charles Booker in Democratic primary for U.S. Senate | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth
Release Date: 
Thursday, February 27, 2020
Press Contact: 
Cassia Herron
KFTC Chairperson

KFTC’s New Power PAC endorses Charles Booker in Democratic primary for U.S. Senate

With enthusiasm for a candidate whose values and vision align with theirs, Kentuckians For The Commonwealth’s New Power PAC has announced it endorses Charles Booker in the Democratic primary for the U.S Senate.

“Our leadership overwhelmingly believes Charles Booker rises above the other candidates in his lived experience and in our shared vision for Kentucky. Booker is the strongest choice for Kentuckians who want an improved life for all of us – regardless of the color of our skin, size of our bank account or which neighborhood or holler we call home,” said Cassia Herron of Louisville, KFTC’s chairperson. 

"Booker's candidacy is an excellent opportunity for us to challenge the electoral process that often promotes elitism, division and wealth. We know that the majority of Kentuckians work hard for limited income. Many of us don't have privilege that opens doors of opportunity. It will take all of us working across lines of race, class and geography in order to get Booker on the ballot in November ... and we're ready and all in!"

KFTC announced the endorsement on Thursday evening in an email to its members.

“When Kentuckians go to the polls, we don’t just choose between candidates. We choose what kind of state we want to call home. What kind of jobs we want. Whether we can go to the doctor when we’re sick. How we want to treat our neighbors,” the email from Herron read.

KFTC sent a questionnaire to all 10 Democratic primary candidates and invited the eight who responded for an interview. Five did.

After the interviews, KFTC leaders across the state considered the candidates’ positions, values and records. Following a recommendation of the KFTC Steering Committee, the Executive Committee voted to have the New Power PAC endorse Booker.

“This is the time to go all in on a person we believe in. Charles Booker is that person,” said Meta Mendel-Reyes, a KFTC Executive Committee member from Berea.

Voter engagement is a central focus for KFTC in 2020. Members will register, inform, engage and turn out tens of thousands of voters who believe in and will vote for a vision for Kentucky that includes building a new clean energy economy, affordable health care for all, living wages, and a vibrant democracy. 

“Getting voters to the polls is our primary focus, especially new voters and those generally ignored in the political process,” Herron said. “KFTC members and leaders will knock on thousands of doors and talk to our neighbors about the issues that really matter to Kentuckians. We are excited to do this work knowing we will be championing Booker and other candidates who will fight for Kentucky."  

KFTC is in the process of hiring more than two dozen voter empowerment workers through November to help accomplish that.

“Knowing there is a candidate who shares and has lived some of their concerns will help motivate voters to turn out in May and November. We want to do all we can to enhance civic participation and voting, and believe showing the direct connection between who is in office and what matters in one’s life is the way to do this.”

KFTC is a 38-year-old grassroots social justice organization. It formed the New Power PAC (www.newpowerky.org) in 2010 to lift up the voices of ordinary Kentuckians in critical elections, to demonstrate that there’s a significant base of support for New Power, and to spotlight the positions and activities of candidates that are consistent with KFTC’s values and goals.