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Stand For Kentucky Day of Action

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We are Kentuckians. We stand for a Kentucky – a nation – with health care for all, workers’ rights and good jobs, opportunities for our children, clean water and air, and where all people are valued in our laws and in our hearts, regardless of race, religion, country of origin or gender. This Kentucky is possible. But right now, it is under attack by the president, Congress, our governor, and our state legislature.

We are standing with each other from the streets of Washington to Pikeville to Murray – for our health care, our frontline communities, for science, for our rights and for our values. On February 7, let’s take it to the halls of our state Capitol in Frankfort. Kentucky’s General Assembly reconvenes on February 7, and will likely pass more bills that violate our values. KFTC and allies will build power back home. In Frankfort, we will resist.

Join KFTC on February 7 – the legislature’s first day back – to stand in power, resistance and with vision for Kentucky.

This nonviolent action is unlike anything we’ve done, and anything we’ve seen here in Kentucky. Together we're designing a variety of roles and ways to participate that are within, or perhaps just beyond, each individual's comfort zone. We look forward to your thoughts and participation.


After the Stand For Kentucky event, KFTC will host a “telephone town hall” to debrief the event, connect and build relationships with other Kentuckians taking action for social justice, and talk about next actions to take – February 9 at 8 p.m. eastern / 7 p.m. central. Register here:

**Register even if you can’t make the live call. We’ll send you the notes and action steps afterwards.**