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Voting Rights Factsheet 2-20-23

Voting Rights Factsheet 2-20-23

HB 201 Tax Reform

GA 2022 handout on comprehensive tax reform--HB 201. 

HB 88 and HB 67 one pager

 Handout about HB 88 and HB 67 for GA 2022.

Kentucky’s past legislative session showed alarming trend toward government secrecy

For most of us who saw the horrifying video of George Floyd’s murder, former Officer Derek Chauvin’s recent guilty verdict was not a surprise.

One chilling question was left unanswered, though: Would Officer Chauvin have been charged, much less convicted, if the public never saw that video or knew of his name? Sadly, I don’t think he would.

Churchill Downs takes more than it gives. That's why the Kentucky Derby is a no-go for me

This year the Derby is a no-go for me. I’m too conscious of all the ways in which the horse industry, and Churchill Downs specifically, extracts from our community’s resources and provides little in return. 


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