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General Assembly

Kentucky restored voting rights to 178,000 with felonies. That's not far enough, advocates say

More than 178,390 Kentuckians who completed sentences for nonviolent felony convictions have regained their voting rights since Gov.

Community Art Build (Online!)

Join KFTC members for virtual art building ahead of With Love, Kentucky! This event is a chance for members, especially in northern Kentucky and Rolling Bluegrass, to come together to talk about our vision, build art together, and make plans for how we can deliver it safely to Frankfort.

Legislators should reject partisan impeachment bid

Today a legislative committee is meeting to consider a petition to impeach Gov. Andy Beshear. KFTC sent the statement below to Kentucky House and Senate leaders urging them to choose Kentuckians over partisanship and support Gov.

Opinion: Kentucky lawmakers must pass Breonna's Law in 2021

(N)o-knock warrants … allow armed officers to forcibly enter homes without knocking or announcing themselves … and have disproportionately been used to target Black and brown people.

Voting Rights / Democracy focus on General Assembly bills and work in new year

KFTC Voting Rights Strategy TeamWe had a January 9 Voting Rights Strategy Team meeting with 20 attendees, unpacking the political moment we’re in, celebrating our work last year to register people with felonies in their past, and winning a strong general election infrastructure. We set to work planning with a focus on the General Assembly. We also held a January 15 Voting Rights meeting where more than 50 people from 30 organizations joined to strengthen our coalition, build a shared analysis and make plans (both in the legislature and for field work). 


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