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Legislators should reject partisan impeachment bid

Today a legislative committee is meeting to consider a petition to impeach Gov. Andy Beshear. KFTC sent the statement below to Kentucky House and Senate leaders urging them to choose Kentuckians over partisanship and support Gov. Beshear's efforts to protect public health during this pandemic crisis. We encourage you to also contact these leaders with messages of your own in support of Beshear and denouncing this frivolous partisan petition. You can find their contact information here.


Dear House and Senate Leaders,

The House Impeachment Committee meets this afternoon to take up the frivolous petition to impeach Gov. Beshear. 

As Chair of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth, I want to make clear we support Gov. Beshear’s work to govern Kentucky through a global pandemic.

The Governor has not overstepped the scope of his responsibilities. He’s leaned into leadership, and Kentucky is better for it. There’s no doubt that the impacts of COVID have caused pain and instability that have reached into every corner of the state. But the Governor’s early and consistent action has been key to Kentucky faring better than our surrounding states. He’s led the way in showing how Kentuckians could choose each other by wearing masks and practicing the CDC guidelines, and how we can attend to the emotional impacts of COVID, especially on our children. He’s been proactive in offsetting the economic impacts of the pandemic, using all his leverage to try to keep Kentuckians housed and fed, and working to navigate a failed unemployment system to meet our unprecedented and urgent demands for help. He’s worked to keep the virus under control in state prisons and senior care facilities, and has been attentive to Kenutcky’s rural, Black and Brown communities that have been especially under-resourced. He’s pushed for federal aid without weaponizing it. He’s done a good job.

As Kentucky’s elected House and Senate leaders, please choose Kentuckians over partisanship. How many lives might have been saved if, instead of becoming weaponized in political games, Gov. Beshear’s measures had your bi-partisan support from the jump? We’re encouraged that many Kentucky Republicans have stood up for Gov. Beshear’s efforts. You could join them now. 

Together we have a lot of work to do, and as our elected leaders, we are looking to you to lead. Please take the first steps in setting us on the best course: Drop these efforts to undermine the governor, and show leadership in supporting public health. Now is not the time to pick partisan fights and play games with lives. Now is the time to choose Kentuckians.

Cassia Herron, Chairperson
Kentuckians For The Commonwealth