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General Assembly

Voting Rights Handout Jan 2020

Voting Rights Handout Jan 2020

ACLU SB 1 Handout, 1-6-20

ACLU handout on SB 1.

These bad bills show how state lawmakers waste their time and your tax dollars

This coming Tuesday, we will know the holidays are really over by the trail of cars heading to Frankfort from all corners of Kentucky. It’s time to get down to the very serious business of the General Assembly.

Adding solar panels saved Kentucky businesses big bucks. This law might change that.

As the new year dawned, advocates of the potential economic benefits of solar energy, particularly in economically-distressed counties in Eastern Kentucky, renewed their concern over a controversial law that could dissuade businesses, individuals and non-profits from installing solar panels.

Kentucky’s bail system is broken, clogging overcrowded jails. Will lawmakers fix it?

Kentucky lawmakers must decide this winter whether to fix a broken bail system that is clogging the state’s dangerously overcrowded jails with thousands of people who can’t afford


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