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General Assembly

A big bold ask on education funding will reverse Kentucky’s downturns

Kentucky must have a sense of urgency for improving education for all Kentuckians at all ages and all economic levels.

Statement from the Kentucky Voting Rights Coalition on the victory and path ahead

On December 12, Governor Andy Beshear helped Kentucky take a historic step forward. With the twirl of a pen, 140,000 previously disenfranchised members of our commonwealth were re-empowered with the right to vote. Years of conversations, meetings, phone calls, and work by people with felonies in their past created the grassroots support needed to bring us to this moment.

Over a hundred of us attended and cheered as the governor signed the order and stated his support for a constitutional amendment to restore voting rights. There is much to be lauded about this act, including the explicit exclusion of any requirement that fines and fees be paid to qualify for restoration. 140,000 is truly a huge number, and a step towards helping disenfranchised people regain a sense of normalcy within society.

This is what a healthy democracy is about – allowing people who have a stake in the decisions made by elected officials to have a voice in deciding who those officials are. It’s fundamental to who we are as a state and a nation.

We, the Kentucky Voter Rights Restoration Coalition, are a network of 30+ similarly minded community groups working to ensure that every person who is denied the right to vote has that right restored. We believe that once a person has served their time, they have the right to re-engage with society.

KFTC Lobby Day

Join us for a KFTC Lobby Day. We'll be there pretty much every Tuesday, including this one, from 9:00 - 2pm eastern.

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day and legislative holiday

Find an MLKing Day event to participate in.

KFTC Lobby Day: First day of 2020 General Assembly

This will be the legislature's 60 working day session, running through mid April. Come join in! We anticipate meeting in the Annex Cafeteria at 11am. We don't yet have a plan for the day, but we want to be there.


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