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Stop harmful budget cuts. Invest in Kentucky!

Kentuckians across the state are pushing back against the harmful cuts in all the proposed budgets, standing up for public health, college affordability, smaller class sizes, and wise investments to keep the promises we've made to our teachers and state workers.

The legislature has refused, once again, to hear the demand for tax and revenue reform. They've acted as if they have to choose between a bad budget and a much worse budget.

In reality, good solutions--commonsense policies that raise revenue by closing loopholes for the wealthy and corporations, like HB 342--have been on the table all along. The legislature and the governor are passing them by.  We won't have the budget that Kentuckians deserve until we pass tax reform that raises revenue.

House and Senate members will meet in the next few days to negotiate a budget compromise. They need to keep hearing from Kentuckians that damaging cuts are unacceptable and that revenue reform is necessary to invest in a Kentucky we can all enjoy.

Take Action

Call the Legislative Message Line at 1-800-372-7181 and leave a message for House and Senate Leadership, as well as your own Representative and Senator. The message line is open until 6p.m. and re-opens Monday at 7 a.m.

Message: “We need a budget that reflects our values and invests in our state. The proposed budget cuts are harmful to Kentucky and we must do better. Please commit to raising revenue for a better Kentucky.”

You can also share out your thoughts and stories on social media using #investinky,‪#‎kyga16‬ ‪#‎kytaxreform‬ ‪#‎Vision4Ky‬ and tagging @kftc, @ky_together, and your own legislator.

Learn more

To see a breakdown of the legislature’s budget proposals, check out the Kentucky Center on Economic Policy’s reports on the House budget and the Senate budget.

Sign up for Kentucky Together updates, and check out some of the stories that bring the budget home.

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