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Warm up a cold day! Take action now


Legislative action in Frankfort has been slower than usual due to this week’s weather, but lawmakers still need to hear from you about many important bills whose outcomes will be decided in the next two weeks. Please take action today to let lawmakers know where you stand on many critical issues.

KFTC is tracking and working on a variety of bills. Below are several suggested messages for your legislators and members of key committees on some of our priority bills. Please take action on one or more of these bills as you are able. We recommend leaving just one message each time you call. But you can certainly call the message line more than once!

Toll-free message line: 1-800-372-7181 (It is fine if you don’t know the name of your Senator or Representative when you call. The good people answering the phones can help.)

  1. SUPPORT VOTING RIGHTS: Ask to leave a message for your senator, members of the Senate State and Local Government Committee, and Senate Leadership. “Please support and pass HB 70, a constitutional amendment restoring voting rights to nearly a quarter million Kentuckians. It is time to Let Us Vote.”

  1. SUPPORT ECONOMIC JUSTICE: Ask to leave a message for your representative and House Leadership. “Please support HB 368 and HB 374 to ensure fair housing and fair taxes. These bills are important for the economic stability and well-being of Kentucky families.”

  1. SUPPORT CLEAN ENERGY: Ask to leave a message for your representative, members of the House Appropriations and Revenue Committee and members of the House Tourism and Energy Committee. “Please support HB 229 and HB 349. These bills will grow clean energy jobs in Kentucky and help us all save money by saving energy.”

  1. OPPOSE HIGH VOLUME HYDRAULIC FRACKING: Ask to leave a message for your representative and members of the House Natural Resources Committee. “Please pass over HB 386 and pass instead a moratorium on high-volume hydraulic fracking. Do not put our health and quality of life at risk.”

Learn more about each of these bills by clicking on the bill #.

Of course, these are only a small selection of important bills in the 2015 General Assembly. You can learn more about all the bills KFTC supports and opposes (including bills on Water Quality, Fairness, Pay Day Lending, Minimum Wage, Telephone Service, Death Penalty and more) on KFTC’s bill-tracker. We update this page frequently, so check back often and make your voice heard!