2019 Primary Election by the numbers | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

2019 Primary Election by the numbers

2019 Primary Canvass This is good. This is real good.

Kentucky needs a Democracy. And because of that, KFTC is setting increasingly bold goals in building our electoral strength to get more people registered, informed about candidate stances, voting, to build support around issues we care about, support candidates who's stances align with ours, and to train new candidates.

KFTC members leaned into this primary election cycle more heavily than any other, calling voters and generally getting the word out.  It made a big impact.

Here are a few numbers of what you and the rest of the KFTC members achieved this election through KFTC and the New Power PAC:

  • Calls to voters made - 12,151
  • Voter conversation by phone - 2,015
  • Voicemail messages left - 3,805
  • Voters texted - 16,413
  • Voters registered - 313
  • Supporters IDed - 1,163 (through petition signatures, etc)
  • KentuckyElection.org Visits – 46,900 (about 2.5 times as many as last primary!)Covington Easter Egg 4
  • Gubernatorial candidates responding to our issue stance survey – 7 (of 8)
  • Voter Guides distributed - 17,850 (including 1,000 in Spanish)
  • Other lit pieces printed- 20,447
  • Total ad views online – 291,675

KFTC members who made the most completed voter turnout calls:

  • Frank Schwartz - 372
  • Kaleigha Stewart - 366
  • Xavier Fogle - 263

Voter Turnout61359194_2849060705319895_8497705954639347712_n

  • Democrats voting for governor in this primary - 394,490
  • Republicans voting for governor in this primary - 259,854
  • We don't have all the numbers, but if our math is right, 24.3% of registered Democrats voter in the Gubernatorial primary, a far cry from the 12.5% overall voter turnout predicted and a stronger turnout than any similar Democratic primary this century. 
  • Governor Bevin received just 52.4% of the vote in the Republican primary


The General Election work is just beginning and we'll spend the summer reaching out to voters, building support for our issues and more. Our first canvasses begin in just a few weeks!