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9 reasons why Kentucky needs to fund public pensions

We’ve built serious momentum in Kentucky around stopping Governor Bevin’s dangerous public pension bill while advancing a commonsense plan to find revenue to fund the pension and other public investments through the Kentucky Forward Plan. Our plan would finally fix the commonwealth’s out-dated tax laws and infuse almost $600 million a year into Kentucky’s communities by closing loopholes for millionaires and corporations and investing that money into our schools, pensions, infrastructure, and social programs like opioid treatment.

But Bevin and Kentucky legislators are hatching plans to rewrite their struggling pension bill over Thanksgiving and try to ram it through in December. They want to steal pensions from workers right before Christmas. We must stop these attacks on the working people of Kentucky. Don’t cut it, fund it!

Here are nine Kentuckians explaining why lawmakers need to oppose the current pension proposal and find funding first:

  • “A well-educated workforce will be the key to attracting and retaining the high-technology businesses of the 21st century. Good pensions attract good teachers.” - Taylor B., Lexington, Kentucky

  • "I look at the drastic cuts in things like public pensions and public health, and fear for our future. We have to be better than this.  And we have to be fairer. We need solutions that benefit all of us, not just those who run major companies. We deserve tax reforms that raise adequate revenue and let everyone pay their fair share toward making Kentucky a great place to live and work." - Alan S., Bowling Green, Kentucky

  • “The legislature did not pay their share. Instead, they borrowed from our pension system to pay for revenue shortfalls and now they are blaming us! They are saying we are “too expensive” to support!  No. We, the people, the voters, will not let them get away with that!” - Kelly S., Berea, Kentucky

  • “It’s time for our neighbors and legislators to support each other and fund the things that can help us move forward. But with the way our Governor is talking about reforming our tax code and dismantling our public pensions system I’m scared we’re heading in the wrong direction.” - Lauren G., Alexandria, KY

  • “Reducing public pension benefits will cause instability in the workforce as people retire or look for jobs in other states with better benefits. This will hamstring public sector employers and will directly impact the quality of the essential programs we all rely on.” - Mimi P., Whitesburg, Kentucky

  • “Bevin’s pension plan breaks the promise made to state employees, lowers their wages, and devalues their public service” - Erik L., Morehead, Kentucky

  • “We want you to focus on the real problem which is declining revenue. We want you to reform the tax code to raise more revenue by closing loopholes and handouts for corporations and millionaires.” - Amanda G., Benton, Kentucky

  • “We want you to vote NO on the current pension proposal, or better yet, do NOT hold a special session to ram it through. Pension stabilization and tax reform need to be tackled together as part of the general session with public committee hearings and constituent input.” - Cathy C., Harrodsburg, Kentucky

  • "My mom was a teacher. She used to come home and she would have migraines, be really tired and then she would have to grade papers. It’s not an easy job, so we need to take care of our teachers especially if we want to make sure we have well-educated people that can work for our businesses and run our state." - Amy H., Louisville, Kentucky
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