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The Saturday before the Kentucky primary election voter registration deadline, Jefferson County Chapter of KFTC organized Bike the Vote, a pop-up voter registration drive in West Louisville.  Eighteen people volunteered to register voters, some riding bikes between the four pop-up locations; two grocery stores and two parks. After four hours and eight miles of biking, the group registered 40 voters. Chapter members registered a total of 84 voters during the week of April 14.

What follows is Donovan Taylor’s reflection on his Bike the Vote experience. Donovan is the president of the Chickasaw Federation, a West Louisville neighborhood association.

The Bike to Vote tour through the west Louisville neighborhoods - California, Chickasaw, Shawnee and Portland - was a fantastic event to promoting voting and civic responsibility as well as a great opportunity to engage with area residents.

The Bike to Vote tour proved to be a mutually beneficial event.  Many residents were excited about our presence and convenience provided to them to apply or update their voter registration.  Additionally, area residents were pleased to be informed on the upcoming May 20th primary and the various races for public office.  Moreover, several residents were provided information and encouraged to apply to restore their voting rights.  Above all, residents were encouraged to exercise their right and civic duty to vote intelligently.    

The Bike to Vote volunteers benefitted both from resident appreciations and the opportunity to further their organizational efforts through connections with area residents.  In particular, my work with the Chickasaw Federation benefitted by me having the opportunity to engage with Chickasaw residents introducing the work of the neighborhood association and encouraging their participation and membership.     

The Bike to Vote event was an excellent display of neighbor care and civic responsibility.  More than simply encouraging voter registration and voting, the team of bike riders was a visual encouragement to area residents to join others taking different actions to enhance the quality of life in west Louisville.  I look forward to participating on a like event with KFTC in the future.

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