Call on your Legislator to Oppose SB 2. We can’t make voting harder right now. | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Call on your Legislator to Oppose SB 2. We can’t make voting harder right now.

Will you take a few minutes to tell legislators not to override Gov. Beshear’s veto of Senate Bill 2?
We don’t need slower voting lines, more restrictions that make it harder for registered voters to vote, or to implement a new and complicated 57-page bill to limit voting. Not now and not ever. 

Despite bi-partisan opposition, the state legislature passed Senate Bill 2, which would make it harder for many Kentukians to vote. It would narrow the forms of ID people can use when voting and give people more hoops to jump through, leading to longer, slower lines. For many folks – especially low-income and elderly voters – this bill would create barriers that could keep tens of thousands of Kentuckians from casting their vote when they show up at the polls.

Gov. Beshear vetoed SB 2 on Friday, but we have to speak up to make sure some legislators don’t override that veto on April 14 or 15.

ACTION: Take just 5 minutes today to call the Legislative Message Line (800-372-7181) and leave a message to “Oppose SB 2.  We shouldn’t make it harder for Kentuckians to vote, especially in this moment.” Leave the message for “Leadership,” and your own representative and senator (the operator can tell you who that is if you don’t know). The message line is open until 4:30 p.m. EST today and remains open 9 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. M-F (although this Friday they’ll be closing at 11:45 a.m. for Good Friday)

Our best chance to stop this is in the House of Representatives.  If your Representative is on this list of legislators who voted yes on SB 2 last time, it’s especially important that you reach out to them and get them to change their vote. You can reach out by Twitter or Facebook with your message to not override the veto and why it matters to you. If we can get as few as 8 of these people to change their vote to “no” or even abstain, we can win. 

Representatives who voted yes last time: Banta, Bechler, Bentley, Blanton, Bowling, Bratcher, Brenda, Bridges, Dossett, DuPlessis, Elkins, Fischer, Frazier, Freeland, Fugate, Gentry, Goforth, Gooch, Hale, Hart, Heath, Heavrin, Huff T, King, Koch, Koenig, Lee, Lewis D, Lewis S, Maddox, Massey, McCool, McCoy, Meade, Meredith, Miles, Miller J, Moser, Nemes, Osborne, Petrie, Pratt, Prunty, Reed, Riley, Rothenburger, Rudy, Santoro, Schamore, Sheldon, Tate, Thomas, Tipton, Upchurch, Webber, White, Wiederstein, Yates

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