Climate Strike Reflections | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Climate Strike Reflections

Photo taken by member Kirsten Schwarz

As much as humanity believes the ideology that we are invincible, that is obviously not the case. We have met our match, in fact our greatest horror, that will easily destroy us all if we do not act now. The Youth is sharing this message with the rest of the world, as demonstrated during the Global Climate Strike.

Today gave me hope, as I witnessed the rise of youth power, and the undying passion that follows around the world. Often it is easy to feel isolated in environmental justice work because of the overwhelming amount of destruction swarming through the news about that forest on fire and that regulation being rolled back etc. But on September 20th, 2019 I got to see the other side, the part that fuels your fire and reminds you this fight is not over, only getting stronger.

We have entered a time period where more rules are broken than being followed by the people we are supposed to call leaders. It is time for us to act the same but in the name of justice. We have tried asking nicely, we have tried to make our voices heard – but the truth of the matter is they won’t listen until they feel threatened, which is the road we are headed down. Walking out of school and work is only the beginning of rebellion the youth is willing to take to secure a future of this Earth. The universal message of these climate strikes is we have a moral responsibility to act now for the sake of our future. Granted this crisis we find ourselves in IS NOT our fault, it is more than obvious the ones with blame on their shoulders could care less.

We can continue to let our differences divide us, and allow their manipulation to succeed, or we can create an endless ray of power by walking forth together on this issue. Without each other, we have no power. Without us, THEY have no power.

“We stand

  For our water, For clean air

  We stand

  For our brothers, For our sisters

  We stand

  For all people, Of all nations

  We stand”


We cannot win this battle in one day. It will take us showing up, working together, and making our voices heard everyday after the next. But we can do it, and we will do it.

We are more than Kentuckians, we are sisters and brothers, mothers and fathers, and together we can change this world because we choose each other.