Community survey highlights need for Fairness in Bowling Green | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Community survey highlights need for Fairness in Bowling Green

In the recent community survey sponsored by the Bowling Green Daily News, one citizen asked why Bowling Green needs a Fairness Ordinance. Another comment claimed that no one in the LGBTQ community has been discriminated against.

I was stunned.

Obviously they don't know any LGBTQ students, renters or neighbors or they would know that Fairness is an issue in Bowling Green. Our community, as prosperous as it may seem, does not protect LGBTQ members from being refused housing, fired from their jobs, prevented access to parks or businesses and mistreated in many ways.

A person should be able to marry whom they love, keep their job, live where they want and be welcome in any business establishment they choose. Nine other cities and small towns have already passed a Fairness Ordinance that guarantees these rights, but not Bowling Green. Covington, Louisville, Midway, Vicco, Morehead, Danville, Paducah, Frankfort and Lexington have proudly declared their communities welcoming to all sexual orientations and gender identities.

We've got some educational work to do with our local residents to show the economic, social and moral benefits of guaranteeing a safe healthy community for all Bowling Green citizens. C'mon BG, we got this! Let's join the morally woke 21st century cities that recognize the value of a diverse, welcoming and healthy community.