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Debbie's Reflections on Today's Inauguration

2.13.19_Voting_Rights_Rally-0456Today, I stood in the cold for hours at Andy Beshear’s inauguration because I believe in democracy, and I’m really proud of his win and what it means for the future of Kentucky. I worked hard with Kentuckians For The Commonwealth to get him elected, making phone calls and talking to people on their doorstep. But I couldn't vote for him.

I hope his executive order restoring voting rights is broad and deep because everyone deserves to have a voice. I’m one of the 312,000 Kentuckians denied the right to vote because they have a felony in their past and because Kentucky has uniquely repressive voter disenfranchisement laws.

Governor Beshear’s support for restoration of voting rights made me feel hopeful.

Restoring voting rights to 140,000 Kentuckians would be a big deal and an excellent start whether I end up being one or not (but I really hope I am).

- Debra Graner, Frankfort, KY

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