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Final Days of Voting - Key information and Action

Juan GomezThis unprecedented election season is coming to a close, and today is the last day to vote early.

More than 1.3 million Kentuckians have already voted. Our election officials, especially local county clerks and poll workers, have worked to make voting safe and accessible, and we’re on track to see historic voter turnout.

It’s never been more important that we all vote. Let's spread the word and make sure people know their options for voting. Polling times and locations for today and tomorrow are here by county. And if you have your mail-in ballot, drop it off at the closest ballot drop box.

Once voting ends tomorrow, let’s be patient as votes are counted. Counting every vote is an important part of a healthy democracy. And keep in mind that the early results we hear from the media may change as more ballots are counted.

Some reminders:

  • If you requested a ballot to vote by mail, but it didn’t arrive, you can still vote in person today or tomorrow.
  • If you have COVID or some other medical emergency, there’s still an opportunity to vote remotely through mail or through another person.  Reach out to your local County Clerk today to try to make arrangements ASAP.  
  • If you run into any problems at the polls or if you have questions, you can call our friends at 1-866-OUR-VOTE and the Kentucky Attorney General’s Election Hotline at 1-800-328-VOTE.
  • If you get a letter from the State Board of Elections or other phone or email contact about your ballot before or after election day, please read it.  People will have the opportunity to fix errors on their mail-in ballots a few days after the election.
  • If you or someone you know has a felony in their past, they are eligible to vote if their voting rights have been restored (check here) and if they’re already registered (check here).
  • Visit to learn what will be on your ballot and to see where the candidates stand on key issues. 
  • You can volunteer with KFTC and our New Power PAC from the comfort of your home to make calls to voters to mobilize them to vote, or come join us at events like election protection at the polls. All of our events are listed online at
  • Our big phone bank tonight is at 6 p.m. ET.  Sign up to join us.
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