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Helping people register to vote during Covid-19

88985469_616438465879908_8059081689390907392_nWe won a major victory late last year when Governor Andy Beshear signed an executive order restoring the right to vote to an estimated 152,000 people with felonies in their past. About half of people who are off of probation and parole got their right to vote back. The problem is that in most cases, no one has told them that.

Since then, he rolled out a tool at people can use to see if they got their right to vote back through that order. 

Were it not for the Covid-19, KFTC members and allies would be knocking every door in many communities across the state, registering voters and spreading the word. As it is, we’re reaching out to recovery houses, holding online trainings, spreading the word through social media, partnering with organizations that deliver meals and other essential services to low income communities to spread the word, etc.

In photos: Teri Blanton working with Susan Grant (her roommate) in Madison County to help her figure out if she got her right to vote back. She did, and registered to vote online right on the spot.

To help register other Kentuckians to vote, we can share for people to register online and/or go to to learn about candidates who will be on the ballot.


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