Jaz’Myne Ware - JCKFTC member | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Jaz’Myne Ware - JCKFTC member

Jaz’Myne Ware - JCKFTC member


What pushed me to join KFTC?

I wanted to feel connected to the community and saw a JCKFTC Facebook meeting invite; I decided to try it out, I do not regret my decision!

What is my vision of a KY where everyone can thrive?

For Louisville specifically, I’d love to see more engagement with the community in the west end areas. I think that improving an overall sense of community has a long lasting list of benefits for every generation; involving the youth is essential. For Kentucky overall, I hope to see an increase in supportive, wrap around services; a decrease in child abuse; and an increase in education achievement for children of all races.

"I have alway had a passion for education from a young age. Education made me fee empowered and gave me hope for a brighter future."

Why do I have an interest in education policy?

I have always had a passion for education from a young age. Education made me feel empowered and gave me hope for a brighter future. I currently work as an academic coach within a non-profit. My main role is to support single parents, and their children, through school; I am a major source of accountability for our clients enrolled in college. I deeply believe that education can lift folks out of poverty and empower them. I want to make an impact in education and being part of the KFTC education policy work group is a way I can do just that.

What are my key takeaways from power 101?

A major piece that I will always remember is the accountability path which breaks downs and explains the steps that lead up to an individual (or a group) taking accountability. This is something that I can keep in mind as I act as an accountability partner to my clients.

- Jaz’Myne Ware, JCKFTC member