Just one more week of voting left! Vote, Share and Volunteer. | Kentuckians For The Commonwealth

Just one more week of voting left! Vote, Share and Volunteer.

Caitlin Powell Voting 2020 General ElectionWe know KFTC members are super voters who vote in almost every election and we appreciate you all for doing it. And we all know people who haven’t yet voted. With just one week left to vote, it’s time to really spread the word.

Kentuckians have now cast more than 1 million votes, and we’re on track for record turnout if we keep this up!

You can find your local voting locations at www.GoVoteKY.com and you can vote throughout this week, Saturday or even next Monday. Don’t wait until November 3 – the sooner you vote, the better.

If you requested your mailed ballot before the deadline and if it doesn’t arrive by October 28, you can vote in person.

You can volunteer with KFTC and our New Power PAC from the comfort of your home to make calls to voters to mobilize them to vote, or come join us at events like election protection at the polls. All of our events are listed online at www.kftc.org/meetonline

In particular, here are three big upcoming events we need your help with.

Visit www.KentuckyElection.org to learn what will be on your ballot and to see where the candidates stand on key issues.  

If you run into any problems at the polls or if you have questions, you can call our friends at 1-866-OUR-VOTE.

If you or someone you know has a felony in their past, they are eligible to vote if their voting rights have been restored (check here) and if they’re already registered (check here).

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