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Kentucky Democracy Project Launch! Sign up to Volunteer!

Voter Registration CaitlinThe Kentucky Democracy Project is a new campaign to register, educate and mobilize Kentucky voters to participate in the 2020 election and beyond. As Kentuckians, we can work together to build a healthy democracy where everyone has a voice and a vote. Our focus is on communities often left out of the political decision-making process – lower income communities, people of color, and young people - particularly 170,000 Kentuckians with felonies in their past got back their right to vote.  All Kentuckians should have a voice in elections and should be listened to by elected leaders.

The Kentucky Democracy Project’s work includes online trainings, phone banks to register or mobilize voters, leaving lit pieces on doors, COVID-19 safe voter registration tables and canvassing, and mailings. If you’d like to get involved or learn more, visit  We have two big trainings next week and lots of upcoming phone banks!

The Kentucky Democracy Project’s website at will serve as a clearinghouse of key information about the 2020 voting process. There is a place for people to opt-into a texting conversation with a volunteer to help figure out if they got their right to vote back, links to trainings and phone bank events people can use to get involved in this work, and other key information. 

There are dozens of long-standing efforts in Kentucky to register voters and fight for voting rights of people with felonies in their past, so we’re not doing it alone, but we hope to make a valuable contribution to the effort.  

Please volunteer and sign up for upcoming events at

The Kentucky Democracy Project is a campaign of Kentucky Coalition, a sister organization of Kentuckians For The Commonwealth since 1984.