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Kentucky Trivia Success!

The Northern Kentucky chapter held Kentucky Trivia, which the chapter called Make Kentucky Great, to celebrate Kentucky's 225th birthday! The event was aimed at raising awareness about KFTC's work, celebrate Kentucky's history, and have a good time. 


The event was a huge success, with over 40 people coming out, and raised nearly $600! Questions ranged from What is the State Tree, to who was the first African-American Mayor in Kentucky, to what city is built within the crater of a meteor, and more. Folks enjoyed the questions, the atmosphere, and the menu.

  3rd Place Team Rosemont Rowdies!     2nd Place Team Covfefe

The event was such a success that attendees were already planning to attend Kentucky's 226th birthday with KFTC next year!

 1st Place Team Wampas Cats!