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KFTC members "All In" during exciting annual meeting

EmPower Kentucky panel at 2015 Annual Meeting

KFTC members affirmed once again that we are “all in” for a better Kentucky.

Celebration of Tanya Turner

At the 2015 Annual Membership Meeting August 21-23, members from across Kentucky gathered at General Butler State Park to strategize, envision, share ideas and have fun together.

Beginning with the theme “All In: Uniting Around a Progressive Vision for Kentucky,” members tackled such topics as organizing white people for racial justice, oil and gas fracking and pipelines, tax justice, climate justice and just transition, and housing as a human right.

“All In also describes KFTC's particular approach to organizing and how we believe change can and should happen,” explained KFTC Chairperson Dana Beasley Brown during introductory remarks on Saturday morning. “When we are All In, we are together, we are one another's strength and support. When we feel the weight of injustice pressing in, together we can push back against that weight.

“When we are All In, we are a force, a force to be reckoned with."

“When we are All In, we are a force, a force to be reckoned with … And, when we're All In, we are a community, where we find shared purpose, inspiration, solace, hope, courage, strength and joy.”

Members also dug in to the foundations of grassroots organizing: building power locally, using nonviolent direct action, and building intergenerational movements during workshops on Saturday afternoon and Sunday morning.

When they weren’t working, they were getting to know each other better through team-building games led by Lexington United, dancing to the tunes of DJ Yared, sharing their talents at the cultural sharing showcase, and outbidding each other at the silent auction.

KFTC Annual Meeting-153

At the annual awards banquet on Saturday night, members who have made special contributions to KFTC’s work over the past year were recognized. Long-time member Carl Shoupe, who was unable to attend due to illness in his family, was honored with the Hazel King Lifetime Achievement Award.

Members wrapped up the weekend with the annual business meeting on Sunday morning, where they chose officers and adopted the KFTC platform for the coming year.

As she led part of the business meeting, Scott County member Rosanne Fitts Klarer talked about what KFTC provides for members: “It scaffolds you. It gives you the power to have a voice, and together we have a big voice.”

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